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7. Aeration - hydrogen peroxide

10 years ago

The following are tips provided by Garden Web Hydroponics forum users on peroxide.

Posted by edurink on Mon, Feb 16, 04 at 6:34

Has any one of you ever used hydrogen peroxide to compensate for oxygen loss at high temperatures? How much do you use?


I have used it to clean up the water. I put in much more than they say to without ill effects... I use the 3% bottles from the drug store. It can get expensive, however. I also have the air bubblers.


UpRootedNortherner Scott, how much do you use? i.e., tablespoons per gallon?


I use it to kill algae, I use about 1/2 cup-1 cup in 6 gallons of water. I use a higher concentration in my dorm room hydroponic system. I have yet to "overdose" my plants. MAKE SURE: you are using 3% NOT a higher concentration or you will burn you plants and your skin.

(Note:mycarbumps also recommends: Add hydrogen peroxide to the water - about 3 tbsp to a gallon of water).


All municipal water systems with old piping have slime mold. H202 kills slime mold and lots of other stuff, including algae. I use 4 tbsp/gal of water and let is sit for 4 hrs before I use it with plants. 500-1000 ppm is the recommended concentration of 3% solution.


Do you think it is safe to use a little H202 in an aerocloner? I'm thinking maybe one or two tablespoons per gallon?

mycarbumps I think its safe.


How long does the "algae killing" effect of the 3% peroxide last? Is adding the peroxide something I do one time (unless I change the water), or do I need to repeat it now and then for routine maintenance of the system?


it is routine maintenance. I add it every 3-5 days. whenever I think of it. hydrogen peroxide is H202, that means it is water with an extra O1 attached. this oxygen is unstable and quickly breaks down into pure water and O2 gas. The O2 is where all the benefits come from and the "waste" is just plain water. You could add it as often as every 3-4 days or as infrequently as when you see algae growth. either way it is helpful.


What kind of system are you using? I tried using H202 food grade (35%) at 100 ppm everyday other day. It seems to work well under Tagaytay conditions in NFT (rectangular pvc). I though of it to control Cercospora leaf spot in lettuce and there has been a big improvement in the crop ever since. After every growing cycle, we clean the tank with it at 150 ppm.

(Note: Tagaytay conditions refers to growing in a tropical climate).


I keep a 5 gal reservoir of water treated at 500 ppm H202 for topping up nutrients. I also treat water for reservoir change every 2 wks w/500 ppm and let it sit.

I do not treat operating reservoir, only the water I'm adding or changing and I have not had any pathogens in nutrients in 10 yrs.


I use about 9 tablespoons per gallon. I would notice it would work for me for about 4 days or so. How do you measure parts per million? How much is 500 parts per million? It is said to kill pythium but not when already in tissue. Then you need systemic fungicide. Of course I don't grow food crops so I dont worry about it.


I have in my notes, an explanation made by Dr. Lynette Morgan. I thought it is a very clear and simple explanation of PPM.

"1 part per million (ppm) is 1 milligram (mg) per liter (l). Therefore, to calculate the amount of solid to dissolve in water, the ppm required is the amount in mg per l (mg/l); 1 mg=1/1000 grams (g)."


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