Remedies for depression


Herbal remedy

St. John's wort. Search the FAQ for side effects of this herb.

Vitamin therapy

B vitamins, especially vitamin B6.

Spiritual support

Support from non-judgemental spiritual leaders or peers, e.g. a prayer partner or group.

Aerobic exercise

The number one remedy for depression is regular sustained aerobic exercise. For those for whom exercising is new, aquacising is the easiest way to get into it. While easy on the joints, it is just as effective as any other aerobic exercise. To be effective, it should be directed by an instructor trained in the proper procedures.

If pursued consistently and vigorously, aerobic exercise will produce an ermotional euphoric high and the feeling of well-being may continue for several hours. If the exercise was directed by a competent instructor, there will be no negative side effects.

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