Dosage of herbal remedies or vitamins


No two people have the same nutritional deficiencies, it is therefore impossible to prescribe one regimen of supplements which will be effective for everyone. Multi-vitamins, for example, are a mere band-aid solution to a problem which needs careful analysis.

To determine the needs and potencies of nutrients required to correct specific deficiencies, it is necessary to learn the symptoms of the deficiencies. As long as the symptom exists, there is a need to increase the nutrient in which you are deficient.

For example, if you get cold sores and warts and have bushy eyebrows, you need to take vitamin B6. When the deficiency symptoms disappear, you know that you are taking enough of it.

If you cannot be bothered learning about these deficiencies, you are better off working with a holistic practitioner like a homeopath.

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