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How do I store cannas for the winter?

10 years ago

In zones 8 10, cannas can be left in ground for winter.

In zone 7, cannas may survive winter in ground if heavily mulched and grown in well-drained soil in a sunny spot.

But in lower zones, its best to cut the stalks down and dig up the cannas to store them for winter after a hard freeze has frozen them.

Cannas can be stored in pots in their soil in a cool basement or garage.

They can also be stored in a box in their clumps of dirt. Cover them with plastic and again keep in a basement or garage. You can also clean the rhizomes off and layer them in a wax coated box with peat moss. Put the lid on the box and store in a garage or basement.

Do not allow the rhizomes to freeze and do not refrigerate. The best temperature for storage is 50 to 60 degrees. At 45 degrees and below, the rhizomes can deteriorate.

Another popular way of storing cannas is to dig them up and grow them indoors as a houseplant. Just set them in a sunny window and let them grow.


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