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Are "butterfly houses" effective?

10 years ago

There are dog houses, bird houses, chicken coops, rabbit hutches, horse stables, bee hives, and possums living under the porch--why not have a butterfly house?

Butterflies tend to sleep under the stars or just don't have a herd mentality; a store-bought or home-made butterfly house is more likely to become the home of spiders, wasps, or perhaps bees.

Although it is possible a butterfly or a moth might rarely
roost in one temporarily, a butterfly house should be considered a garden ornament, rather than a practical butterfly home.

The best butterfly houses are undisturbed natural areas that go unpruned and unraked, have tall grass and are not chemically treated in any way.

So if you buy or build a butterfly house, enjoy your purchase or handicraft, and enjoy watching the butterflies ignoring your efforts.
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