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To all my packing helpers...Update on trip to Italy

14 years ago

In a nutshell...the trip didn't happen. We were packed (quite efficiently due to the help of my GW friends!), car service was in the driveway and DH was outside preparing to start loading luggage. I was inside finishing lunch with DD and DS when I noticed that it looked like DD was having some difficulty swallowing. I asked her if there was something bothering her and she said that her throat was killing her. She said not to worry because she probably just slept with her mouth open and she'd be okay. I looked inside her mouth and couldn't believe what I saw...inflamed looking tonsils with what looked like pus deposits!! (which turned out to be more akin to canker sores!) So... we let the driver go, alerted the travel agent and made arrangements to head to the doctor that afternoon. The diagnosis at the doctor turned out to be stomatosis which is an inflammation of the throat related to the cocsacchi virus. He said he's seen a lot of it this summer. He determined that since it was a virus there was nothing that he could do other than send her on her way and tell her that it would get worse -- and believe me,it did-- before it would get better and she should take NSAIDS for the pain. Needless to say, we decided as a family that nothing was worth risking one of us (or anyone else) being in a foreign country and not feeling well so we canceled the trip (can you say thank goodness for trip insurance?) for this year and plan to reschedule for next June. The silver lining? We still took the vacation time and we're glad we did. We rested, read, did a few projects around the house and best of all I think we gave our kids a meaningful life lesson...nothing in life is worth risking anyone's health. Trips and things are great, but people and health are so much more important. This comes on the heels of DD having unexpected surgery in the beginning of the summer which yielded a 7cm endometrioma growing on one of her ovaries -- doctor had to leave 10% of the growth or risk losing ovary. She came through surgery with flying colors, but is now on hormones and it looks like she's facing more hormone therapy in the fall to help with the additional endometriosis that was found. I guess if we can survive trying situations like that, a canceled trip is nothing. Reminds me of one of my favorite is what happens while we are making plans! Thanks again for all of your help. I'm looking forward to posting our vacation pics in 2010 ;0)

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