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first step for nyc apartment rm - architect/gc/renovation co.?

17 years ago

First of all, as a longtime "lurker" on this & other THS forums, thanks to all for providing me an education & a lot of great information.

We are just getting started in planning a remodel of our ~700sf one BR condo and, I'll be honest, I'm already getting a little anxious about jumping into the NYC construction jungle.

But, I figure we just need to get started & take one step at a time, and the first challenge/question is on engaging an architect/GC/remodelling company.

Our building's Alteration Agreement required plans signed by a licensed architect for any alteration that involves changing any walls. In our case, given other restrictions (e.g., structural columns, prohibition on enlarging the bathroom), we are not making major changes to the floorplan but will be looking to remove change a couple of partition walls and move/add a couple doors, which will invoke the architect requirement.

With this in mind, I was hoping to find out:

1. Does it make more sense to find an independent architect first or a GC -- given our relatively simple design needs, would the former be cost-effective?

2. Has anyone gone with the "one-stop" remodelling company approach -- would it make sense for a job like ours?

3. Does anyone have any recommendations for the above in NYC?

Thanks in advance -- and, of course, if there any folks who have gone through/are going through a remodel in the city, it would be great to make your acquaintance (for both experience & moral support)!


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