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Bet some of you can relate to this!

11 years ago

I thought I had all the blocks done for my quilt top and decided to finish putting it together last night because I knew I wouldn't get to it over the next few days. I had 8 rows sewn together and planned to make 12 rows but then I realized that I had only enough blocks for 11 rows. I miscounted .....thought I had 60 blocks but only had 50.....actually I had 51 as I had an extra that I could use if I fudged it a bit. Normally, I take this stuff in stride but this time I felt frustrated. I had just enough focus fabric left to cut the 9 (4-1/2") units I would need to add to my other units. So off I go to cut the extra fabric. The blade nicked the edge of the table so I had to change it. Cut my alternate fabrics and then cut my focus fabric strip. Started to cut it into 4-1/2" squares. Guess what! I had cut the fabric strip 4-1/4"! Gave up, stuffed it all in a box and pushed it behind the cabinet and went to bed. I don't want to see that top again for a long, long time.

To top it all off, before I went to sleep, I lay in bed and ate 7 of those little Kit-Kat bar treats that were for Halloween!


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