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Over the river and through the woods......anyone else not make it

13 years ago

Well we did make it to my folks house on Christmas day, despite blizzard warnings out. My folks both called and told us to stay home and wait a couple of days but my DH said that we could make it if we took it slow. We set off and half the way it was clear and drove speed limit, then ran into some snow and blowing snow and had to slow down. Going east/west wasn't bad until we turned south and that took us double as long to get to where we wanted to go. We got to 3/4 a mile from my folks and went through a white out and suddenly there was a huge drift 4 foot by 10 foot and we plowed right into it. DH tried to get us out and had to call my folks. A neighbor heard us and came out with his truck and tried to pull us out, we pulled the tow hook out of the front of the suburban and dented his tailgate. Then the car started sending messages and started to overheat. The engine was packed full of snow and the fan locked up and threw a belt.

My dad came with his bigger truck and after 10 minutes of back and forth we were able to get the Suburban out and when we got to my folks put the belt back home. We had traveled 60 miles in snow and ice and blowing snow, just to get stuck so close to home. Glad that we made it home, it was an enjoyable holiday with 12 adults (I have 6 siblings and their others) and 10 kids under the age of 6. It was crazy and loud and everyone taking care of each others little ones. We all spent the night and most of the next day at my folks. I bet they were a little lonely after we all left.

So did you run into any travel troubles on your holiday??


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