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Picking a fight

13 years ago

Have you ever known somebody that seems to try and pick fights with people? We know somebody like that. It's like he is fishing for somebody to argue with. Which would be fine if we could have a rousing debate and then carry on.

But his arguments are mainly based on him yelling at you within an inch of your face, spitting as he talks, and no matter what you say you are wrong and an idiot. Then he will insult you with something from your past that is completely unrelated to the matter being yelled about.

This person tried to pick a fight with me over PICKLES for goodness sake. I could see he was fishing for a fight with everybody else too, but nobody took the bait this time. That won't last, because he is getting very obnoxious to be around.

For example. Somebody offered me a pickle and remarked it was only x number of calories and no points (for those on Weight Watchers apparently). So I deadpanned "That is it. I refuse to eat here if you are going to tell me how many points is in everything I eat".

From across the room (and we weren't even talking to him) he came rushing over, shouting "What about when you were vegetarian? You go on diets all the time. You can't say anything about how somebody else eats, blah blah blah". Um....what did my not eating meat have to do with the points in a pickle, and why is he so engraged that I was vegan for a while, like, two years ago?

I was able to defuse it (mostly by staring at him like he was crazy and stepping away from him like he was a stranger with candy). But for pete's sake, he's getting harder to stand.

Anyway. Rant's over. Don't pick fights with people that just want to eat turkey without the drama.


And just as an aside, those pointing out the points had seconds on dessert. I was so tempted to casually ask "And how many points in a quarter of a pie with ice cream AND whipped topping?" but it would have gotten him started again even though it was a joke. Sort of.

Just sayin'.

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