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Emergency Preparedness

12 years ago

I responded on the other post about the storm but thought it might be best to start a new one. If you do a search using the words Emergency Preparedness you will find several postings made in the past for those facing storms,etc. There are lists of things to take with you and things to have at home in case you stay or return after the storm. Believe me those of us who have faced storms (4 in about 6 weeks in 2004) have learned lessons that those facing Irene can benefit from.

You can also find postings if you search by hurricanes.

One thing to do is to clean you tubs and washer and fill with water to use while you have lost electricity. Even if you leave for the storm you may return before power is back on. Another thing to do to help save your frozen foods is to fill two liter bottles with water and put them in any empty places in your freezer. You want you freezer full to keep it colder longer so do it now!

Do check out the suggestions though.

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