Blanco Diamond 'D' sink vs. Diamond rectangle sink

9 years ago

So I'm pretty sure dh and I have decided to do a mini fix up of the kitchen while we wait for the real thing down the road (just re-adjusted to perhaps 3-5 yrs).

He surprised me on a whim this week and changed out a very worn and nasty broken tile island countertop with a fabricated laminate top. I can't even begin to tell you how wonderful it is!

Next thing on the list is getting rid of the hated double shallow sink.

My sink base is 30". I am very interested in the blanco silgranit sinks that can be overmounted.... and then undermounted later. I don't mind spending a little bit of money on the "temporary" kitchen - but would like any "real" purchases to be able to be used in the new kitchen - whenever that does happen.

The "D" sink easily fits in my sink base. It is a bit larger than my "D" sink I had at my old house, so I'm fairly sure it'll be sufficient for me. (basin is 22 inches wide).

Of course the rectangle sink with the drain on the right does get my attention as well. It's basin is 30". The specs say it fits in a 33"base when overmounted. I have a 30" base. Does anyone know if I could cut down the sides of the cabinet a bit so it will fit?

Whatever choice I make, this will be my only sink until the true remodel. I will most likely put in a prep sink at that point.


if you've made it this far... color? which color do you think would be the most "neutral?"

The laminate that dh put in (& would use for the perimeter counters as well) is this:ätURL=%2Fpl__0_s%3FNtt%3Dlaminate%2Bcountertop&facetInfo=

I can just about guarantee that the future kitchen cabs would be dark stained wood. Not espresso - more like a rich cherry. I don't want the kitchen to be too dark, so counters would most likely be on the lighter spectrum. Nearly all of my kitchen things are plain white, a few rustic creams, and some heavy enameled cast iron scroll work in brown thrown in for good measure. I pretty much like what I like and don't change, so it's a safe bet to say this will still be true down the road.

So... cafe brown? (perhaps too dark if counters end up being really light) biscotti? truffle? I'm also intrigued by the metallic gray color - similar to stainless, so does it "go" with everything?

anyway... thanks for any input you may have -- I'm just so excited to actually be making decisions about my kitchen. it's been put off far too long already!

once again... major ? was....

go with the "easy it fits" "D" sink... basin is 22 wide.

go with "specs say it doesn't fit" - but perhaps the sides of the cab can be cut down? - cab is 30 inch... sink requires 33inch... framed cabinetry. drawers on left, dw on right of sink.


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