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need some help please - kitchen colors

10 years ago

Hi Everyone -

So we are doing a mini kitchen re-do. We did the floor and backsplash a few years ago. We have Golden Oak cabinets. They are actually really well made and were custom built. I do not care for the color - but my husband refused to paint them white like I wanted. So we did the floors a beige ceramic and the backsplash is a tumbled marble small subway pattern. Also, not my first choice - I probably would have went with a subway tile.

So I have convinced my husband to paint the cabinets white after showing him some posts on how great they would look. We are also going to take down a half wall and put small breakfast bar in. Currently we have white Corian countertops. Although I would like to change these out too - right now it's not in the budget.

So my main question is what wall color do you think would go well with the redo?

Also, what material/color do you think would work well for the breakfast bar we are putting in. I was thinking of doing something similar to a carrera marble, but with beige streaking, instead of grey. This way it's not too different from the white countertops we currently have. Or do you think I should do a beige granite?

Thanks so much for your advise. Any photos would also be great!

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