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Can someone please help me understand fillers ?

15 years ago

I am getting close to ordering my cabinets, and much as I would love to go custom, the extra few thousand to do that just got sucked up by unexpected issues discovered during re-roofing :-( Oh well, the backup plan is to order Ultracraft frameless cabinets through, which I'm sure will do the trick very nicely.

I have posted here before about my layout etc, and have settled on a nice plan. But I don't really know how much to allow for fillers (which, as I understand it, are pieces of wood or veneer, in the same finish as the cabinets, that are placed alongside/between cabinets to fill space or allow drawers/doors to open properly).

For those of you who have worked with before, do they figure out your filler requirements for you ?

My (yet to be framed) kitchen will measure 14'x11', and I have planned a straight run of cabinets along the 14' wall (which is 168"). I have planned for a total of 165" for cabinetry. Here is my layout ...

What filler width is needed at each end (to allow drawers and doors to open) ? Is there anything in the middle of the upper or lower run that will require filler (e.g. around the Bosch dishwasher or the Advantium OTR) ?

The space on the opposite wall isn't quite as tightly allocated ... just the refrigerator and a sideways pantry. But will I need a filler between the wall and the refrigerator, and another one between the refrigerator and the back of the pantry ? What about between the pantry and the wall ?

Thanks for any advice, this kitchen is getting so close that I can taste it ! :-)

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