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Tandem System for Upper Cabinets

8 years ago

Has anyone used a tandem system for their upper cabinets.

I am thinking about putting one in to store oils/vinegar, etc next to my stove. But I wanted to get some comments about it. I like the concept of some items being on the door and the items in the back pulling forward when I open the door (so I don't have to take everything out to get the items in the back. FYI, I am short so anything that helps make it easier to reach is nice so I don't need to grab a step stool :)

Also how much space is there between the levels and how deep is it. Based on the pictures...I am guessing the basket on the door is 3 inches and the other basket is 7 or 8 inches, and the height between the levels might be 10 inches. This seems kind of small, but I can't find the inside measurements. My oils are 11 inches tall, so if it is only 10 inches between levels than it won't work for me.

Thanks again for any feedback!

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