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What should I change - lots of input requested

11 years ago

Hello! After some encouraging responses to my initial post 2 weeks ago about painting my cabinets white - I finally mustered up enough courage to call a contractor to discuss possibilities for changing up my kitchen. (Original post was "White Cabinets with cream backsplash - will it work?") Now the question is what else should I change / discuss with him when he is out here?

Here is the background (sorry it is long!):

Moved into the house 11 years ago when it was first built and was builder grade oak with dark brown granite and backsplash. Six years ago we gutted the kitchen and put in the built in fridge, 6 burner range top, double oven, and slightly modified the floor plan. I had planned for the finish to be an oatmeal color - however the finish instead is very french country yellow - which contrasted with the new stone backsplash. So, 2 years ago, I ripped out the backsplash that was put in during the remodel and replaced with Walker Zanger Avignon tile. Have lived with the "new" backsplash and yellow cabinets really trying to embrace them and fall into favor with. But it hasn't worked. Now, on top of it, while looking at all the design sites and magazines for the last 6 years to figure out a better paint I have realized I really am tired of the "French Country" look in general - and would much prefer a more classic, traditional look.

So - 2 years later - since I have been able to show my DH all the areas the paint is chipped, seams are cracked, and hinges are falling off he has finally agreed to let me "fix" my reno gone wrong. The only caveat is I have to keep the granite (it is light green with flecks of white/yellow/black) and the backsplash for now. Of course - I would love a kitchen like posted on Beekeepers posts - but unfortunately we don't have the space and my tile/granite constraints make that impossible.

So - that being the case - what should I change and talk to the contractor about? Here are some things I am considering - but any input / ideas would be GREATLY welcomed - don't worry about hurting my feelings!!!
1) Paint cabinets a warm white, and restain island (since it is splotchy)
2) Change out knobs and pulls (I like the backplates - but hate the finish. Would prefer a shiny chrome, but haven't found any chrome that has backplates)
3)Maybe replace the doors to a less detailed style? NOt sure if that would work given the moulding on the top cabs though.
4) Replace window treatments
5) Do something about the hood - but what??

Again - I apologize for the length of this. This is my last chance to get it right - and I just don't know if any of it will really make it better. Any advice is greatly appreciated!!!

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