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Acadia white cabinets vs linen white . . . thoughts!

12 years ago

I have to pick my cabinet color by Monday and the paint store closed today at lunch, 15 minutes before I got there. Based on my fan deck, I have narrowed it down to Linen White (which I have in my current house master bed and bath) or Acadia white, which looks like a lighter version. The linen white has yellowed over time, which oil paint will, so I would like to take this into account. Both Benjamin Moore. I also like Ivory White, but read somewhere it is the same as Acadia white :).

I am concerned Linen white is a little too creamy for me - we will have a walnut (dark) island but white marble perimeter. . . no gray in the marble though. I love cream and a crisp white together so maybe it will be fine, but think acadia is the safer choice - even though I haven't even seen it except on the swatch!

Do any of you have Acadia? Do you like it? Any funny undertones? I read somewhere it had a pink undertone but I 'don't see it - if it does that wouldn't work for my house though!

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