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We're coming down to the wire---Can you take one last look?

12 years ago

I got the phone call from our contractor yesterday that I need to get my ideas into the draftsman so they can get a working copy done up for permits.

I've gone back and forth with this so many times my head hurts! I don't have to have every last detail worked out but I do need to have my window placement determined which dictates the general layout. This is an addition, 11 feet added onto the entire back of our house.

-the kitchen, or back of the house faces our south facing large (pretty)backyard.

-the pantry wall faces the street and an ambulance station. The only windows on this wall are the transoms above the bump-out bench.

-we have 2 children, 4 and 6 (and considering a 3rd)

-we will be in this house a minimum of another 15 years

-I'm the primary cook but DH does help out with plating and clean-up

-we have a chest freezer and 2nd fridge in the basement as well as a cold storage room

-We do some baking but I'm not making bread daily or anything like that.

-I do some canning and do have a lot of fresh garden produce in peak season

-I would like to keep the fridge and stove on the wall shown

-I have moved the desk out of the kitchen with this plan (I can hear the crowds cheering!) It will be relocated to the closet by the front door. I'm hoping to put a sliding door on it with barn hardware. The wall is 8'4" (not proportionate in the drawing)

-we're probably going with RTA cabinetry with mods made by our very capable contractor. He does beautiful finishing work and is great at tweaking.

This is a rendering Rhome did when were still considering angling the range (and with the desk still in the kitchen)It shows the approx pantry layout. The colors are what we are likely going with. We have existing 3 1/4" birch hardwood that we are extending into the new area:

This is the latest plan (please excuse the messiness-I draw then DH takes them to work to scan):

Is there anything that I am not thinking of?

-do I put upper cabinets on either side of the range hood?

- should I keep the microwave, either as a drawer or undermount in the location between the fridge and stove or should it be on the left hand side of the island, facing the pantry? I can see benefits in either spot. We all use it a lot.

Thanks for any additional insight you can offer. I'm enjoying this forum so much!

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