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If you can get past the pink...

9 years ago

I found this picture and I can't believe how much the layout is like our farmhouse kitchen. The little corner counter, the door to the sunporch, the buffet wall, etc. Right now there is a wall between kitchen and dining room, but it's not load bearing. If we took it would look almost exactly like this room.

So, my question you think this is too small? The space would be 12' x 23' and the concern I have is the kitchen work area. The range and fridge would be on the wall (opposite the french door) not shown in the picture. The wall backs against the staircase and can't be moved.

This would mean no prep sink, no wall oven and no good space for the microwave...but I really like the charm and it would be a lot more affordable. Any ideas? Thanks in advance :) {{gwi:1990726}}From Lavender Lass farmhouse pictures

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