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U R G E N T question: HVAC register--what to do??

13 years ago

Our HVAC registers are mostly the raised white-painted metal ones. With the remodel, we now have a Brazilian Cherry engineered wood floor in the DR (did it earlier this week!) and tile in the Foyer. I'm thinking of replacing the white metal ones with natural oak.

B/c the duct opening is right next to the wall, we can't get the flush type for the DR (can for Foyer), so we're stuck w/another raised one. Why does this matter? B/c the register will be in the middle of the white baseboard. How do you think this would look?

Here's a picture of what it looks like w/the metal one put back. Do you think the wood would look out of place?

Oh, and....our base molding (5-1/4") will be taller than the register....what do we do about that??? (Frame the baseboard around the register? But, we're only talking about a 1/2" to 3/4" height difference...)

The color is the same as the one in this link...but NOT the same style (or wood species, it's definitely oak)'s a similar style to the one in my picture.

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