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Arched door (yuck!) backsplash help

11 years ago

Hi all:
I painted my maple regular (not cathedral) arched doors cream. I wasn't sure if I should keep them or order new doors. With your guys help, I decided to keep them.

I've already bought the tile. It's just a plain cream subway beveled tile. I picked them up at lowes for 20 cents a piece. So, it really fits our budget. :) I'd like something different, but they really match our cabinet color and I like the bevel on it. And, I thought the plain color would be better with our speckled quartz counters.

Here is the question(s). Since I'm tiling it, I don't mind putting some extra work. That's right, I'm tiling.

I really like herringbone style, but was afraid that herringbone placed tiles would compete with the arch too much. All those vertical lines and bevels... Or, I can do a regular subway set with either a liner (a beaded dot liner) or without. I was thinking that the beaded dot liner would tie into the circular cabinet top and circle knobs. But, thought it might be too busy with the bevel.

So, what would you do?

Beveled tile in herringbone (with arched cabs.)
Beveled tile in regular subway pattern.
Beveled tile in regular subway pattern with a beaded dot liner.

As usual, my husband doesn't care. He wants me to figure out whatever is easiest and do it. So, I thought I'd ask you. Also, the area is somewhat small as it's an u-shaped kitchen with more than half as a peninsula. And, my kitchen doesn't warrant a spotlight piece over the oven or anything like that. It's a normal midwestern colonial-ish kitchen. Remember all those design around this series? It's where I learned about what I should put in our house the most. Although, I went out on a limb with the chandelier! Thanks for all those threads!

Thanks for any insight!

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