OT: need help with glass closet door design (XP)

7 years ago

I am cross-posting with Home Decorating because I really need to place the door order today.

We have an approximately 18' long by 8' high reach-in closet along one wall of our master bedroom. We want to use floor-to-ceiling and wall-to-wall sliding doors to allow full access to the top of the closet. We are using sliding doors from The Sliding Door Co. We will have four 54.5" wide doors on a double track. The doors are primarily frosted glass, with 2 narrow vertical sections of mirror (on the outer edge of the 2 middle doors) because we need a full-length mirror for dressing.

I appreciate all the design input on my prior post on the Home Decorating forum. I now have a basic design I like, but there are 2 details to nail down so I can place the order and start the 10-12 week wait for doors.

Question 1: The frosted glass portions of the doors will have 5 horizontal stripes: 3 wide stripes separated by 2 narrow ones. (Inspiration picture will be attached to next post.) I have to choose the width of the horizontal silver metal dividers used to create the stripes: either 1" or 1.5" thick. The frame around each door is 1.5" wide, and so is the vertical divider between the glass and mirror sections on the 2 combo doors (there is no thinner option for those metal pieces). I am leaning toward the thinner 1" horizontal dividers to create the stripes so the metal is not overwhelming, especially on the 2 narrower stripes, but I wonder if it would look better to use 1.5" everywhere for consistency. (It will cost about $200 extra for the 1.5".) The horizontal dividers on the inspiration photo look fairly narrow, but it is hard to tell exact size from a small photo. WWYD?

Question 2: If the 2 vertical mirror sections are 18" wide, that leaves about 32" wide of frosted glass stripes on the combo doors, after subtracting three 1.5" thick vertical dividers from 54.5" total door width. (There is about 51" wide of frosted glass stripes on the 2 outer doors once you subtract the metal frames.) Does the 18"/32" split sound balanced, or would 16"/34" or 17"/35" be better? (I tested a 14" wide full length mirror at Target and the width was adequate to view myself, so anything between 16" and 18" wide is fine.)

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