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Kitchen tile and backsplash choice help needed

11 years ago

Hi all! New to the forum here and I am so impressed with tips and tricks everyone is sharing. I am stuck and am hoping for some design opinions/photos from you all. Help!

We are building a custom home with an association builder and so have a lot of choices we can make. My husband and I have agreed on everything throughout the entire house except the kitchen. We both are drawn to the darker colors, but our kitchen is a relatively small space in an open great-room type floorplan, so we don't want to go too dark. We have our cabinets picked out (copper stained beech) and currently our first place granite tile is the New Venetian Gold. We cannot agree on backsplash or flooring though. My husband would strongly prefer to find a dark tile that compliments the neighboring wood floor in the dining and living room (Elements Eldorado Birch). I can't seem to find anything I like. And I am determined to have some kind of lighter backsplash to compliment the lighter granite. Does anyone have any suggestions for a darker tile and a lighter backsplash that would go well with the venetian gold granite and reddish-brown darker wood?

Here is a montage of samples, including a photo of another similar kitchen our builder did for someone else.

More photos at Picasa:

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