Stain on our new cabinets!!! Help Please!!!

11 years ago

To everyone who has white cabinetry, maybe you can offer up some suggestions to help remove an unknown stain.

We hosted our first big party in our newly remodeled kitchen yesterday and when I went to throw something in the trash today I noticed a few pinkish smudges around the handle for our trash pullout. I figured it was probably juice or food stains from cleaning up last night so I grabbed a wet rag to wipe it off, but it won't budge! I then tried 409 and Windex, still nothing! The cabinets were not site finished but custom and painted with a top coat of some sort of lacquer. I've had strawberry stains, etc. on them before and wiped them up no problem! Now I'm wondering if maybe someone had lipstick or something on their hands and it came off on the cabinetry? The finish is smooth to the touch, almost as if the stain has penetrated the surface?! Could red wine have done this and is there anything we can do short of touching it up? We do have some touch up paint but I hate to try and brush it on and ruin the finished look. Those of you who said you requested brushed on finish vs. sprayed on, I now understand why you did that!

Any suggestions on how to remove it would be greatly appreciated!


Kat :)

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