Grout Color for Cream Subway Tile

10 years ago

So, we've been renovating/building a new kitchen and I've been pretty good about making decisions (with lots of research and lots of good advice I've found on this site) and now I'm stuck where seemingly a lot of people are: the kitchen backsplash. We used honed carrara marble on the perimeter countops--but it's not a typical Bianco Carrara, it has more brown and gray tones, and the background is whiter than most Carraras. The island top is Mahagony (8 x 4') and the island base and cabinets are painted a creamy off-white (very creamy, with a yellowish cast, but still white). Ok, if you're still paying attention, I'm having trouble deciding on the grout color for the off-white subway tile I've chosen. We're going with a 2 x 5.5" subway tile in an off-white (that's whiter than the cabinets, but not as white as the countertops). I'm trying to use the subway tiles to bring the two whites together. I love the look of the subway tile installations that use a slightly darker grout that make the tiles pop, and looks more traditional (at least to my eye), but I don't want to use too dark a grout. I'm also not sure if I should use a grayer grout or a beigey/browner grout. I will try and post some pix of subway tiles that have the look I'm going for. Any and all suggestions are greatly appreciated--we are so close to the end of this project (if we ever really get done and I recover, I'll post pics).

Here are some links to the look I'm aiming for:

This one (the second one down) is my ideal; it says it's Travertine, but I've seen this pic elsewhere and I'm pretty sure it's ceramic subway tile):

Thank you to anyone who takes the time to read and respond!

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