Marble - warm and cool

12 years ago

In another post, live-wire-oak aptly pinpointed my design issues as being caught between warm and cool tones. That is exactly right. I went down to my GC's stone supplier this morning with the two cabinet samples in hand : dove white(off) and white (stark). I also brought my sample of python soapstone from M. Tex. It turns out the stone importer had two kinds of marble : carrera and calacutta gold. (This doesn't seem like a large selection, but believe me, at this point I am glad to be down to just two choices - anything more would send me right off the ledge!) I liked them both. But the carrera is extremely cool, while the calacutta reads warm. Two totally different tones.

Here are the pros for the calacutta:

1. works magnificently with the dove white cabinet color, which was my first choice for cabinet color.

2. would look great with a wood floor, including the checkerboard I am hoping for

3. really speaks to the "vintage" in my vintage industrial kitchen

and the cons:

1. not sure how all the silver (chrome, nickel, stainless steel) in the room will look with the creamier tones in the marble

2. not sure how white subway tile (the backsplash) would look with this combo

Here are the pros for the carrera:

1. will work great with all the chrome, stainless steel, and polished nickel in the room ( appliances, hardware and fixtures

2. compliments the black soapstone beautifully (the python looks good with the calacutta as well but it really pops with the carrera)

3. really speaks to the "industrial" in the vintage industrial kitchen

and the cons:

1. would have to go with my second choice cab color (stark white)

2. not sure how the checkerboard floor would look with this combo. And while I am willing to go back to a single color floor, would I have to go with an ebony or gray floor as l-w-o suggested , to avoid having a warm wood tone clash with the cool tones on everything else? I like a cool kitchen, but I think it will need *something* to warm it up!

As I said, I really like both marbles so there's no point in looking elsewhere. I just have to "define my vision" as some of you have said, and that will tell me which way to go. I keep thinking there is some key element that is going to pull the whole thing together: whether it is getting rid of one of the counter top materials, or adding stained wood somewhere...thoughts?

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