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Does anyone have the Rohl/Shaw's grid in their sink?

15 years ago

Hi all,

I'm having one of those pulling-out-my-hair moments!

After deciding that I would NOT get the grid for my sink, I have finally decided that the resulting peace of mind outweighs the price and hassle. So I started shopping online for the best price...

Luckily, I just happened to see on the Ira Wood website, a note that said if the sink is undermounted, the entire opening must be visible in order for the grid to fit.

ARGH! I'm having a negative reveal of about 1/16 (but could be more, depending on how counter turns out). Does anyone know if the grid will fit? Is it a really tight fit to the inside corners of the sink?

(I know, I know, there are cheaper grid options. But my kitchen is so tiny and nonfunctional, that I really like for everything in it to be beautiful and "just right" to make up for all the other negatives of the general space.)


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