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Cabinet bids ranged from $28,000 to $60,000

15 years ago

We are remodeling nearly our entire house. I got cabinet bids on the kitchen ONLY so I could simplify the bid process. All bids were for cabinets only, not installation, and all are for simple Shaker doors in cherry. My dream is Crown Point but they came in at $60,000. Fieldstone was $50,000. Brookhaven was $45,000. Custom cabinets were $38,000. Schuler was $28,000. I am really surprised at the huge difference. I carefully looked at the doors (except for Crown Point) and couldn't see any real difference in quality (except that the center panel on Brookhaven seemed to be thinner). I have done a lot of research on cabinets and haven't seen anything negative about Schuler (complaints about Lowe's, but not Schuler). I am nervous because the price difference is so great, but I can't really see any reason not to go with Schuler. Any opinions?

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