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low budget OTK / vintage kitchen - coil stove?

12 years ago

I would like to do a version of either the OTK or sort of a vintage kitchen (not a museum reproduction). I would like to use IKEA Lidingo cabinets.

A gas stove is not an option. I don't want a glasstop or ceran top. I don't want stainless steel. I would like a white coil top stove. I don't have the space for a vintage stove (I only have 30 inches space, not 48). I noticed that the kitchens that I like (brickmanhouse, jmseattle, oldhouse1, lavenderlass, mamagoose, and other GWs) that they seem to mostly use a glasstop (ceran?), and the dark glass top of the stove blends so well with the dark countertop. Will a white coiltop look bad with dark countertops? Does anyone have pics of a modern (not vintage) white coiltop in this kind of setting? Thanks very much.

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