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Buyers remorse or I'll never even notice?

9 years ago

I ordered Shiloh framed full overlay cabinets for our new build on Friday. From the get go I had them quoted with Blum full extension. At our last meeting the KD broke them out as a line item since we are pinching pennies and I saw how much extra they were going to cost - $767.00! So I decided not to get them - the standard is Hettich. They had both side by side and there is clearly a difference. Blum slide like butter. I am convincing myself that if they weren't side by side and I only had tried the Hettich they would have been more than fine and in fact are nicer than anything I have ever owned. Ours is a moderate build - total kitchen cost $12,000. I made the decision and didn't think twice about it until yesterday.

I have decided I WISH he never would have broken it down - if he hadn't I'd have the Blum for sure darn it! :( I know he detailed it to give me the ultimate flexibility in picking and choosing but argh! That was the one thing from the beginning I was sure on but after seeing the cost I just couldn't do it.

So, anyone have experience with Hettich? Anyone buy Shiloh and NOT upgrade to Blum? He said nearly everyone that he sells Shiloh too sticks with Hettich. I have all drawers so that is why the cost is up there.

What do you think? A total non-issue? I know it's a first world problem and I surely hope I don't obsess about everything else with a new build like I have this kitchen, lol!

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