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Do I Need BackSplash? Help with Suggestions!

15 years ago

Our small kitchen has dark cabinet (it's really darker than what the picture shows) and almost black granite counter. Do you think we need backsplash or should we leave it with the light colored paint? The granite is Verde Butterfly and so I wanted to pick up the green in it. The paint on the BS now is the lightest of the tricolor of the paint card. DH is color challenged and so this turns out disappointedly almost white. I also love Jeffrey Court's Fire & Ice. Do you think F&I will make the already dark color scheme in the kitchen seems even darker? I also do not want the BS to steal the thunder of the granite. For me the granite is the star of the kitchen.

BTW the wall paper and the cafe rod & curtains in the adjacent dinette area are coming down. The family room and the rest of the house has green accents.

Some pictures to show the color scheme in the kitchen and dinette area.

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