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Does KWC Splendure Stainless Steel Finish Match Grohe SuperSteel?

12 years ago

Hi all.

I will be putting in a Grohe Minta SuperSteel faucet in my kitchen and I am trying to find a matching soap dispenser.

Grohe told me that their Stainless Steel soap dispenser will match the Supersteel finish, because the Supersteel is made to look like stainless.

However, I have not heard favorable things about the Grohe soap dispensers so I am considering a KWC Primo soap dispenser instead.

The KWC Primo was recommended to me here on the forum, as a good match with the Minta faucet and I have read other favorable reviews on the Primo. However, the person who recommended it is using chrome all around so couldn't comment on the stainless finishes.

KWC told me that the Splendure finish is made to look like stainless steel, but it's not as matte as their regular stainless steel. The gentleman said the Splendure finish is slightly glossier, which sounds like Grohe Supersteel.

Anyone know if the two finishes are a good match? I am trying to save time, so I don't want to buy and return, etc.

I haven't found anywhere locally to go compare the two finishes.

Any info which may help would be appreciated... even if it is to tell me that you have something with the KWC Splendure finish and it is the same finish as a Klean Kanteen water bottle.

Anything to give me some guidance on this.

Thanks in advance.

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