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please critique this design

15 years ago

Here are the latest revisions to my kitchen cabinet and counter design. Please note that I am focused on the uppers at this point; the base cabinets still need some tweaking, and I will be switching out cabs for drawers wherever possible, but I don't have any major issues with the bases in terms of form or function. Also, I am very happy with the changes we made to the peninsula - it is now one level with the sink and dishwasher on the prep side, and seating and an "information hutch" on the other. It is the stove wall upper cab run and the #$%^^&%$ corner that is making me crazy. Also please note that the drawings are not exactly to scale. In the first photo, you see a head-on view of the stove wall run as you are standing in front of the island. The double door cabs to the left and right of the hood are 27"; the far left cab is 15" wide (though we are going to see if that can widened to 18" - there is a doorway to the mudroom to the left) , and the far right cab is 25 1/2 ". That blank wall perpendicular to the far right cab is the "load bearing wall" but this picture shows too much of it extending past the cabinet; the second drawing is a better representation. I plan to have nothing at all except subway tile on this wall, which will extend perpendicular to the stove wall about 18". The far left and right cabs (that run to the counter) are 18" depth; the cabs flanking the hood are 12" deep. The outer cabs are glass, the inner cabs are solid with glass uppers stacked above. So, I love how it looks. I got the variation in depth, height, and glass vs. solid that I was after. The problem is function with regards to the far right cab. I asked for it to be flush to the load bearing wall with no corner cab (I have a "thing" about them) but I realize now that most of this cabinet is going to be inaccessible unless I am actually standing on the counter because of its position in the corner. I tried to make it more functional by making it 18" deep and I think that helps somewhat, but there will still be an awful lot of impractical, unusable space in the far right corner. Now, on the other hand, storage space is not a critical issue in this kitchen. Besides this run, I will have island storage, plus two 18" pantry cabs on either side of the fridge plus storage above, and an 83" wide free standing hutch near the table. I also have an "information hutch" which will be built into the peninsula on the other side of the load bearing wall (third drawing) for such things as cookbooks, phone books, message center, etc.

So tell me, is the far right to-the-counter cabinet so ridiculously dysfunctional that I should change the design (that I had my heart set on)? I could do two shorter cabs at right angles in that corner (I refuse to do an actual upper corner cab.) This would be more functional, I think, but the entrance to the kitchen from the living room is almost directly in front of the end of the peninsula, and I hate that the first thing you would see upon entering is the side of the cabinet, obscuring the pretty glass cab on the stove wall. Or, I could keep it as is and use it for mostly decorative purposes. I had been planning to use it to store my dishes and glasses but I suppose I could use the free standing hutch for everyday wares. Honestly I'm almost tempted to do away with uppers altogether. Advice please!!!

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