Any ideas to improve my layout?

12 years ago

Based on your suggestions, I'm taking a step back and starting with the current space and reconsidering my options. I'd really appreciate any thoughts/suggestions you may have because I'm beginning to think the as-is is the as-good-as-it-gets!

The things I know: soffits are coming down, we are putting in a new hardwood floor, new cabinets, new countertops, and new appliances.

Other considerations: The washer dryer are staying put. I'd prefer not to move the walls or windows. Although it is a little cramped, we really like the kitchen table. We have 2 little ones. There is one cook in our family (and occasionally the 2 little helpers.)


The text I added in Photobucket doesn't appear on Gardenweb so I'll try to better explain the layout.

Top wall:On the L of the fridge is the opening to the DR.

Right wall: The range is Gas, but we are open to moving the gas line. The MW is currently over the range. There are 2 windows; one over the sink, and the bay window by the table.

Bottom wall: The open space is the step down into the FR. The "walls" on either side of the step are currently railings.

Left wall: The first opening is the hallway to the foyer, the next is the basement door, the next is the pantry, and the next 2 doors are where the washer/dryer are. The pantry is not as deep as the washer dryer (and the air return duct is behind that wall.)

Is this the best use of our space? Does anyone have any suggestions?



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