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Marmoleum or VCT for patterned kitchen floor?

8 years ago

We really like the idea of having a simple patterned floor using vinyl or Marmoleum tiles for our kitchen floor. The pattern will consist of a base color (beige), with a few tiles of very pale green to match the glass backsplash. Sheet vinyl or Marmoleum is out because we want a particular pattern on the floor.

With our kids, it seems like there are weekly accidents which have the potential of staining or denting the kitchen floor. Our priorities are the floor pattern, ease of maintenance, and resistance to water and damage from food stains and dents. It's nice if the tiles have a low gloss, not a dull finish. We know Marmoleum is better healthwise, but want to make a decision based on the priorities above.

I would really appreciate any input based on your experience with either VCT or Marmoleum tiles.

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