Show Me (or tell me about) Your Desk/office in Kitchen & give ide

9 years ago

In our present kitchen, we have a 4' counter in between our pantry and refrigerator that serves as my "office". My laptop is there, cup of pencils/pen, a couple of piles of papers (kid's school/extracurricular/bills), tissues, and.... bananas! As much as I am usually organized it always looks a mess b/c there is just nowhere to put things. I straighten it up daily but it always is back to a mini-disaster by bedtime.

SO, we're planning our new kitchen and I want to make sure I address this. I keep hearing no one SITS at desks and we're better to not put a chair and maybe put a filing cabinet and other organization. I thought maybe even corkboard or something to put post its, etc..

We have several layout plans we're deciding on before we move on. Most of them only change the DR area. , Most have a 7' baking/buffet area were I'm also going to need put some of this "desk organization" into most likely. I do have a secretary desk for the LR, but the kitchen always seems to be where everything lands and it more accessible.

Here's a sample layout. Not sure what we're doing with DR yet but the kitchen is basically the same in all of them except for sizes of counter/pantry on the Pantry wall.

The Pantry wall is about 14' and I assume is where I'll need some space for the above mentioned.

This is the secretary desk in the LR. I love it but b/c it has to be "opened" it seems less accessible that having my space in the kitchen. I'll try to use it more when things get reconfigured but know I'll need some type of organization in the kitchen area. (where I spend most of my day!) Or maybe even in the Dining Area. Both rooms will be same style and not overly formal or casual.

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