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The truth about Freedom Kitchens etc..

8 years ago

Freedom Kitchens; Good Guys Kitchens; Wholesale Kitchens; Ever wondered what they have in common? The are actually all apart of the same company. 'The Kitchen Group'.

To the people buying the kitchens, I would recommend going to a local cabinet maker. FYI The above names companies can discount their over priced kitchens by 45% and if the Manager really wants the sale they will get the designer to then reduce the kitchen price by their commission price as well which is another 10% So the kitchen designer ends up paying for the clients kitchen.

To the people wanting a job as a kitchen designer, I would never recommend working for them, ever. Take it from me, a past "Kitchen Designer" Who is still owed Thousands of dollars. Which I will never see because they say that I under costed the kitchen so I loose my 10% commission.

These are shocking companies, they use the tactics of 'Sale on the night; to get you signed up to a non- cooling off period which is never mentioned. They say they need to call their 'Manager' which is correct but we already know how much we can discount the kitchen by its just a matter of how to get the client to sign tonight so they usually throw in something like 'if you buy it tonight we can get our hands on some sale stock, but its only for tonight'

Anyway I have so much more to say... Until another time

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