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sanded vs. unsanded caulk for backsplash

16 years ago

I have finally (six months after counter was installed!) put my backsplash tiles on the wall...took me about 2 days longer than it should have, but it does look good. Now I need to grout. I had purchased sanded grout and matching sanded caulk in Delorean Grey at HD. I did actually bring my grey tiles and my grey and while speckled countertop with me and chose that color as the best match. But, when I finally got around to laying out the tiles, I decided to go with a small (1/16th in) spacing vs. wider spacing as I had planned. Went back to HD to get unsanded grout and caulk. Got the grout, but the caulk only came in that color in sanded. What should I do? Will it work out okay, or should I go with clear or white unsanded caulk? The grey tile is what is closest to the countertop. And should I caulk also where the tile meets the cabinets at the top and on one side and at the door trim at either end of the wall? It's the details that make the difference in how good the finished project looks, and I'll take any advice on how to finish this off to look like a pro job. Thanks.

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