Ideas for a wall mounted cell phone charging station?

I would like to build a wall mounted cell phone charging station. I first heard about them on this forum. I have been looking online for a charging station for a while and most are designed to be on a counter or dresser. I want to get the phones OFF the counter! I found a couple on Amazon but those had bad reviews (like flimsy, does not fit a standard power strip, etc. Ideally I would like to be able to charge 3-4 phones and have a place where my spouse can put his wallet, etc.

Has anyone built one and have a good design idea? Or better, have adapted an existing box, drawer, etc., for this purpose? I am handy and make a lot with wood though am not a cabinet-maker (by any means) in terms of skills. It will be installed in my laundry room near where everyone comes in from the garage, so I donÂt need to make it out of very fine wood. I posted originally in Woodworking but received no response.

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