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pic attached for breakfast nook seating ideas

12 years ago

Attached is a pic of our layout that I spoke of in my question yesterday in trying to come up with seating for our breakfast nook.

The original kitchen has a breakfast bar across from the nook and the bar is coming out completely. A pantry unit with a center serving area will go on that wall. The pantry will be 60" wide x 15" deep.

The question is what to do for seating in the nook -

The KD suggested an island coming out of the nook. The island would be 34x63 with 24" clearance to the walls on the 3 sides with seating. This seems tight and does not seat as many people as we would like when we have company.

Another idea we had was to add built-in seating in the nook to keep the table closer into the nook and out of the walkway. This would likely include a custom-built table that is rectangular with angled ends. We want the option to add leaves to extend the table out to seat more when needed and would rotate the table coming out of the nook in this instance.

Anyone have other ideas or better layout? Does anyone have pics of built-in seating in a nook with the 3 angled walls like we have?


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