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Favorite Threads Thread

11 years ago

This forum is such a wonderful place. It's a place where we can ask for advice on our kitchen design, whether it's a reno or a new build. It's a place we can freak out when we need to be calmed after nearly killing a contractor. It's a place where we share our joyful news. And sometimes it's a place we turn when we are very sad.

There have been some threads here that are hysterical and cause me to laugh. You know the ones, they go to 150 postings within a day or two.

So what is your favorite, or most memorable thread? If you can't find it through GW's search engine (really a big surprise) use Google, you will find it.

When you find your favorite thread, post the link so that it is a direct link. Sometimes that option doesn't appear right below the box where you type your reply, but rather it appears when you do the preview.

I hope we can find some fun memories to share with some of the newer members.

Just want to say Thank You to all of you for all the hand holding over the years. And please get ready...I will need a lot of support as we get ready to leave the famous Beekeeperswife kitchen and build something new.

My choice is towel pig thread.

Here is a link that might be useful: Towel Pig

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