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Dream with me... what would you do with a second pantry?

15 years ago

My husband very cleverly figured a second pantry into our new kitchen plan. I'm trying to figure out how I want to use it.

The main pantry is between the cabinet run with the rangetop and the baking center, so it will hold all the staples and foods for cooking.

The second pantry will be 4x4 and it will be adjacent to the breakfast table and refrigerator. I've thought of the following ideas:

Snack pantry - breakfast cereals, toaster, granola bars, snack fruits, sodas for quick fridge refill, etc.

Wine pantry - 'nuff said

Small appliance pantry - I'll have a lift for the KA in the baking station, but it would be good to have a dedicated spot for the blender, food processor, etc. I guess I don't really need a whole pantry for that, though.

Homeschool closet - we homeschool and use the breakfast table for much of it, so we could just use it for all our books and supplies.

Any other great ideas I haven't thought of?

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