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Anyone familiar with Starmark (Fieldstone) white/cream cabinets?

14 years ago

We're considering StarMark cabinets. I've got my heart set on a white kitchen (even though I just read on another thread that it's going to look dated in 10 years. O well :). I've also seen plenty of posts about "creamy" white kitchens that look gorgeous. So finding that right shade is the next project.

The cabinet guy said that Starmark uses a white (or ivory cream) tinted varnish rather than painting the cabinets like most other companies do. He didn't say whether that was considered positive or negative -- it's just how they do it . But it does result in a very matte, even dull, appearance with hardly any sheen at all.

So any thoughts? Anyone have pictures of Starmark or Fieldstone cabs in shades of white cream?

Thanks soo much!

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