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HELP-need photo samples or assurance I'm on the right track

12 years ago

Reading cbusmomof3's thread about "Can I achieve this look...?" has got me thinking the same thing, except that I don't just have one inspirational photo. I have lots. And it's like

"I like this one's island"

"I like this one's pendant lights"

"I like this one's backsplash"

etc, etc..

Looking though the photos I liked, I realized there is not a single one with the combination of light and dark elements that I am trying to pull off. So has anyone seen a kitchen with:

- white cabinets

- white-ish or cream-ish granite

- *TILE* flooring (this is hard - most have wood)

and here is the real kicker..

- a DARK backsplash????????

All my idea pictures have light backsplashes and I really like that look but my KD has kind of convinced me that I need some element of contrast. Most of my idea photos either have dark wood floors, dark countertops, or a dark wood island. I get that and I understand that I need some contrast.

We've picked out a really nice, warm grey stone to be the field tile of the backsplash and it goes really nicely with the inset decorative medallion tiles I am putting behind the backsplash but I just feel unsettled and nervous about it (despite getting approval from my mom, MIL, and two friends). Like, will it be too grey? Too cold? Too dark? Not light and bright and fun?

The only three examples of a grey backsplash tile I have seen, have light grout and I don't like that look. Ahhh, I am so nervous. (I have also been reading the "learn from my mistakes" thread and the comment about, 'if it doesn't feel right to you, it probably isn't' has struck a nerve.)

I know I have time and the backsplash is the last thing to do but I would like to install grey electrical outlets if we go that route, and I want to make sure everything works together before we start installing sutff... like the floor tile.

I think the subway tile the KD and I selected is a lot like this but in the 3x6 size.

traditional kitchen design by philadelphia general contractor Dewson Construction Company

Here is my "mood" board I mocked up last night. Cabinets will be painted SW Dover White with raised panels but I don't have a door sample yet. The subways are a total hack job of 6x12 tiles I had a photo of. The floor tiles don't look like they go in this photo but IRL they do. This isn't a great picture of the granite - the following one is a little better:

It has movement but it isn't crazy busy. The two pics are two different slabs and as you can see, they vary in how creamy they are but I love this granite. I haven't selected my slab though b/c we are still several months from being at that stage.

This is the closest I have to one inspirational picture and yet what I have selected won't look anything like this:

I ADORE these cabinets and my floor tiles will look very similar.

I like how clean, white and bright this ones feels:

I like this large island and the curved shape. Mine will be even larger!

traditional kitchen design by atlanta architect Dwell Design Studio

I really like the curve and edging on this island too:

I like how "fresh" and bright this one looks and feels:

contemporary kitchen design by atlanta kitchen and bath Teri Turan

So am I crazy? Do my selections seem to match what appeals to me?

(I remember last December Breezy posted something about "Will my kitchen be boring?" And I think she was at a critical point of needed some reassurance and maybe this is just a natural part of the process once you have made your selections and have started demolition, which is exactly where I am!)

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