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My biggest kitchen regret-The built-in microwave

12 years ago

I chose an expensive built-in microwave (anything over $200 is expensive for a MW IMO) for my kitchen. I haven't even been using it for 2 months and I burned the &^%% out of a bag of popcorn last night. It was awful. I had to open windows, turn on fans to air out the house. The MW was a mess. It smelled so bad. The smell was in the vents, most people buy a new one when that happens. I took it out to the garage and left it open overnight. It was still awful. I boiled a bowl of baking soda and water, no joy. I boiled a bowl of vinegar until it exploded which stunk up the garage really bad. I opened the MW door an hour later and wiped it out really well. The smell seemed to be gone so I took it back in the house and boiled some fresh coffee in a cup of water. The smell is gone and I'm so relieved.

My MW sits in a cutout in my island with a trim kit around it so this whole thing was a big PITA. And if it didn't work, I'd have to buy a replacement. So, the point of this is that I really wish I'd planned a big appliance garage with the flip up door to house a cheap MW in. The only thing I use mine for is popcorn and heating up luke-warm cups of coffee!

I'd feel a lot better knowing that if I made a mistake, I could go grab a new one for a few bucks. I just thought I'd share my experience just in case it helps someone else decide between the pretty and the practical.

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