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Talk to me about antique gas stoves?

9 years ago

Hi there, longtime lurker here :)
The tear out begins Monday for our new kitchen! Cabinets are ordered, and I think it is really going to happen! We have a 150 yr old farmhouse. Kind of going for the vintage look in the kitchen and bath, and I would really love an old stove. I had been planning on just keeping my 30" 12 yr old Kenmore, but gosh I love those old stoves! Because of a tiny bit of wiggle room, I *could* fit a 36" vintage stove. I think I would really love having two ovens, and also being able to use it even without electricity if necessary. But, here are my concerns:

Will I be happy with the oven size? Could I cook a big turkey in it?

DH is afraid it will blow the house up, being old.

Where to find one... would you buy one on ebay? What should I look for and what kinds of questions should I ask? What should I expect to pay?

Are they easy to fix if something breaks?

Is it hard to keep clean?

I would love any help or advice! Did you ever regret not just getting a modern stove?

Thanks so much! Love this forum :)

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