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Stripping and Sealing a Quartzite Countertop (White Macauba)

11 years ago

Hey, first time posting here, thanks for your attention.

We recently finished a remodel that included a new kitchen. We installed a natural quartzite countertop with a gloss finish-- white macauba is the exact name of the stone.

I noticed after we moved back in that although we were told the stone was sealed, the stone will temporarily darken if water is left standing on the counter. In addition, someone recently left a coffee ring from a mug on the counter, which caused a darkened ring that has faded slightly but not gone away over the past three or four days.

It isn't a huge issue--it isn't that noticable-- but I would like to prevent this from happening again and fix it if I can. I did a search and found out from other postings that I need to get a better sealant. I don't know what the stone guys used on my counter but I understand the folks on this forum seem to like the Miracle 511 sealants. I'm thinking the Pourous Plus?


1) Can you recommend a specific product/method to strip the current sealant off? I couldn't find anything on this in a search.

2. Do you think I can get the darkened ring from the coffee mug out? How?

I posted a photo of the counter from its installation. Thanks again.

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