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Layout Advice Please--Transitional Shaker Family Kitchen

10 years ago

Hello GWers,

I'm Alexx. This is my first post. I have a family of 4--husband, 2 boys age 9 and almost 16 (gasp.)

I have read endless threads and written down advice and so now I am (finally) close to ordering cabinets (Diamond, Sumner, Coconut (shaker, just off white). I have a countertop picked out (Silestone, Altair), but really wanted your feedback on the layout (and later the backsplash--we're thinking of glass 3x6 subway tiles).

It's a galley kitchen and we're opening up the wall with the sink (right now it is closed with a very small pass through) to be about a 9 foot pony wall so I can be part of the family activities instead of hidden in the kitchen :). We're also raising the window to be above countertop height (right now it is below and no cabs or counters there.)

The kitchen would now be open to an open dining area (large 10 person table) on the left, then stairs, and on the right, the living room (with the family room behind that.) There are saltillo tiles everywhere on the bottom floor (it's okay, but I'm moving away from the Tuscan style to a more clean, little more modern)

The short wall with all the proposed tall pantries currently has a little table and tiny, high window. I am desperate for food storage space.

I am not exactly sure what other info to give here except that:

-the tall pantries would be two door, the longer door would have four roll out trays

-I don't know whether we should do a 30" or 36" chimney range hood (in stainless steel)

-I made the sink a bit off center to the right so that there would be a longer run of countertop as you enter the kitchen (one of the main prep areas and area to serve family and guests buffet style when we entertain).

-I think the sink will be a 30.5 inch Elkay single bowl. (though I have seen lots of raves about on offset drain--the one I found is not but I could find it...

-due to budget, we're getting a 30" freestanding range (but if anyone really thinks that the slide in or 36" made a world of difference in your functionality and love of your kitchen, please share why--budget is NOT in the Viking type range (no pun intended :))

-I am thinking of wood looking ceramic tiles in the kitchen (we don't think we can or want to save the saltillos but directly outside the kitchen is an entire floor of them so it needs to compliment them.)

I appreciate all suggestions and feedback. I know there is a lot of detail. My first priority is layout so if you just answer that, I'd be happy too. Thank you in advance for your help.

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