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Will I hate a bridge faucet?

10 years ago

Has anyone put in a bridge faucet after having previously had a single handle faucet?

I have found that I am drawn to all the kitchens with the P&R bridge faucets, especially with the apron front sinks. I've tried for months to find an alternative, but I keep coming back to that one. Trouble is, for most of my life I've had a single handle. I like the convenience when my hands are full, and can even turn on the water with my wrist or forearm when my hands are grubby. I don't want to fork over the money for a pricey faucet only to end up hating it.

One thing to consider: in this kitchen I will have a prep sink near the main sink, and a bar sink across the room. Previous kitchens have all had only one sink. If I do single handle/pullout in my prep sink, maybe I won't mind the two handles for clean up only?

I welcome your advice.

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