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Should I consider this look for a built-in fridge?

14 years ago

I am very happy with our layout, posted here:

except I feel we may be enclosing the kitchen too much. The cabinets will be stained and the family room to the left of the refrigerator is not large enough to compensate for the amount of wood so I am concerned about it looking too bulky.

If we had higher ceiling I would have definitely opted for an open cabinet above the fridge but with our 8 feet ceilings and 80" fridge that would be too narrow. We also can't eliminate the tall glass cabinets, they are covering a pipe from the 2nd floor bathroom behind the crown molding.

But just a couple of days ago someone posted a link to Hampshire cabinetry website where I came across this photo:

This looks like a solution to wanting an open space above a built-in fridge in a room with lower ceilings.

So I did some cut-and-paste with one of my photos and came up with this:

It definitely doesn't look as "perfect" as the original but seems to open up the place somewhat. I also like the display area for ceramics or holiday decorations. DH things it looks funny and defeats the purpose of the integrated refrigerator.

So what do you think?

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